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Granne forsikring

Insure everything that is important to you

Formerly Møretrygd – now Granne forsikring, we have expanded our insurance offer and are now a complete supplier of insurance to private customers.

Now houses, cars and other assets are no longer the only things that can be insured with us. You can now also insure yourself and those you love most with at Granne. We have entered into a partnership with Youplus Livsforsikring on personal insurance. Youplus is a life company located in Trondheim, and has many years of experience in the industry.


Transport damage

If you suffer damage, it is essential to get help fast. To ensure that the necessary steps are taken, we can draw on experts to oversee damage control and, where required, step in and provide the necessary support. We are a partner you can rely on when it comes to finding a competent average agent who is familiar with the regional and legal situation in your country.

Mútua dos Pescadores

Cooperativa de Seguros Portuguesa

Mútua dos Pescadores founded in 1942, is, from 2004 onwards, the first and only Portuguese insurance cooperative.

In addition to the fisheries sector, which represents more than 70% of its premium portfolio, it has since 2000 offered insurance solutions to other activities of the sea cluster, such as pleasure craft, the maritime touristic sector, sport fishing and diving as well as catering to the insurance needs of the cooperative and social sector.

Nacional de Reaseguros

Nacional de Reaseguros

International reinsurer

Nacional de Reaseguros S.A. is an international independent, professional reinsurer since 1939.

Shipowners Mutual

Shipowners Mutual

Mutual insurance association

The Shipowners’ Club has in-depth knowledge of the risks and liabilities you face when operating your fleet, borne from over 160 years of experience in providing Protection and Indemnity (P&I) cover, Legal Costs Cover and associated insurances.

Sociedad de Seguros Mutuos

Sociedad de Seguros Mutuos

Marine insurance, construction insurance, civil liability insurance, etc.

Offers the most complete insurance solutions for the fishing industry, providing insurance products made to measure, that meet your needs and give you peace of mind to face day-to-day activities at sea by offering you the widest and most comprehensive types of coverage.


Sunderland Marine

Specialists in marine and aquaculture insurance

Sunderland Marine is seen as a world leader in the insurance of fishing and marine craft, with over 12,500 policies in over 50 countries.



Tromstrygd - a special insurance company

Tromstrygd is a company that operates in the Financial Services industry. It employs 21-50 people and has $5M-$10M of revenue. The company is headquartered in Tromso, Troms, Norway



Global specialty insurer and reinsurer

MS Amlin is organised around three main markets; Reinsurance, Marine & Aviation and Property & Casualty, and deliver continuity for commercial enterprises and other insurers. They are experts in underwriting and claims, with both technical capability and deep knowledge of the areas we insure.



Marine insurance

SAMAP is a century of experience and 18 employees in the service of offshore professionals. Today it provides more than 2000 ships. With its rich experience, SAMAP offers real expertise in claims management.



Mutual insurance

Created in 1930 at the initiative of fishermen sailors, SAMBO remained a local mutual insurance company, fully involved in the protection of its members.
The SAMBO is fully commited to the values of solidarity and efficiency from the maritime world.


Skuld P&I Club

Mutual insurance

The P&I club Assuranceforeningen Skuld (Gjensidig) offers Mutual P&I insurance, Commercial fixed P&I, Yacht liability cover, Charterers liability and more through our Skuld office network.



Maritime insurance for all type of vessels

Mutuapesca is a mutual insurance company that has been operating in the transportation industry since 1928. Offering maritime insurance for hulls, cargo, pleasure crafts as well as advising our members on the contracting of civil liability and Protection and Indemnity (P & I) insurance.




Marine insurance

Since its birth ARTAI has been especially linked to the sea. Its origin, Galician, and the profile of its first customers, ship owners, has made us great expertss of the maritime sector.


Eelsing Expertises & Taxaties

Marine surveyors

Eelsing Expertises & Taxaties is a dynamic firm of experienced marine surveyors in the field of technical surveys and inspections. Our experts travel around the world to report losses and valuate objects.

Van Olst  de Graaff

John P de Wit Assurantien

insurance brokers

John P de Wit Assurantien  has been active in the insurance market for over 45 years, with a strong involvement in finding the best insurance solutions for the fishing industry.

DSV Belgium

DSV Belgium

Insurance Brokers

DSV Belgium Insurance Brokers is specialised in delivering tailor-made, innovative and qualitative insurance solutions. With over 20 years of experience DSV Belgium protects and assures the activity and continuity of companies and organisations worldwide.



Cooperative and mutual insurance.

ICMIF is the only global representative body of the cooperative and mutual insurance sector. It provides unique services and activities and delivers enduring value to its members which cannot be found elsewhere.

Smallegange Advocaten

Law firm specializing in maritime and transport law

Smallegange is a law firm specializing in maritime and transport law in Rotterdam, founded in January 2000 by a group of experienced lawyers, who have worked in maritime, insurance and transport law practice since 1980. Some of the lawyers of the firm have a background in maritime shipping , inland shipping, Royal Dutch Navy, and/or business and have worked in these sectors, both on board and ashore, before starting their career in the legal profession. 


Partner for Marine Liability and Logistics insurance

Post & Co is a partner for Marine Liability and Logistics insurance for all players in the logistical chain. As an independent P&I specialist we make it to our business to advise all the operators and their Insurance Brokers in negotiating the best insurance term possible.

Figal Innova

Marine & Cargo Surveyors

We work on the incident, wherever it may be. We provide solutions through our correspondents in over 70 countries. Our mobility is a guarantee for our clients and collaborators.

Zamorano y Peleteiro


Our law firm in La Coruña has 30 years of experience in all areas of legal practice. Our team of lawyers is specialized in the business and institutional field and, particularly, in all commercial matters with special reference to bankruptcy, maritime, transport and insurance matters, offering a comprehensive legal service, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.