The European Fishing Vessel Insurance Companies Association

24 April 1992

EFICA founded in 1992 by Barry Gristwood, CEO of Sunderland Marine, is formed by executives of various European fishing vessel insurance companies whose main goal is exchange information on markets, trends, claims and loss prevention. Starting with a very ambitious agenda, the original goals and tasks have since then evolved to more pragmatic definitions of cooperation. Today there is a broad consensus between the members about a range of short and long-term goals and tasks.

October 2010

Revision of EFICA Constitution

October 2011

EFICA enlarged to associate members


Where do we want to sail to?


Members / Associates

van Olst de Graaff
Mutua dos Pescadores
Sociedad de Seguros Mutuos
Nacional de Reaseguros
Shipowners Mutual


Annual Meetings (last 10 years)

Date Place Host
2009 - 5th June Porto Porto Mútua dos Pescadores
2010 - 8th October Paris Groupama Transport
2011 - 7th October Brussels DSV Belgium NV
2012 - 28 th September Reykjavik VIS
2013 - 27th September Rotterdam Van Olst de Graaff
2014 - 22nd May Vigo Mútua Vigo / Artai
2015 - 21st May Concarneau Sambo
2016 - 19th May luxembourg Shipowners
2017 - 22nd June Trømso Tromstrygd
2018 - 14nd June Ponta Delgada at the island of Sao Miguel, A├žores Islands Mutua dos Pescadores
2019 - 6th June IJmuiden, The Netherlands Van Olst de Graaff

Next meeting

Due to the pandemic situation the annual meeting is postponed to 2022 in Madrid, to a date to be announced in due time